China Railway Signal & Communication Materials Group CO., Ltd (CRSCM), a wholly owned subsidiary of the China Railway Signal & Communication Corp (CRSC), was established in May 2013 with a registered capital of 100 million RMB. Within the CRSC system, it is the main operating platform for public bidding purchase, centralized procurement and logistics, primarily in charge of centralized procurement and tendering agent for equipment supplies, as well as providing external institutions with integrated supply chain services, including tendering agent, procurement, transportation, warehousing, and distribution. The specialized subsidiaries of CRSCM are China Railway Signal & Communication Tendering CO., Ltd,China Railway Signal & Communication Trading CO., Ltd and China Railway Signal & Communication Logistics CO, Ltd.

CRSCM will unswervingly adhere to the idea of "people-oriented, collaborative development". The company is willing to cooperate sincerely with personages of various circles of society to make a contribution to market prospering, industrial optimization, as well as social harmony, endeavoring to create new glories to the industry.

China Railway Signal & Communication Tendering CO., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of CRSCM, was established in July 2013. As a state-owned company with specialization, the entity is committed to the standardization of public bidding for material purchasing within CRSC and its affiliated companies, that is, to improve efficiency and to reduce costs. The company shows a promise to become CRSC’s authorized tender agent towards external market. The core business includes tendering agent dealing service, centralized procurement execution, investment and engineering consulting.

China Railway Signal & Communication Tendering CO., Ltd has the best senior management team of high efficiency and dedication, together with a large number of qualified and pioneering business backbones. The company has always pursued the service aim of “fairness, transparence, standardization and efficiency”, also the cooperation concept of “good faith and win-win”, dedicating to provide customers with specialized tendering agent services in public bidding of goods and materials, projects, and services. It has achieved excellent economic and social benefits, and the services being generally praised by all customers.

Founded in December 2013, with a registered capital of 20 million RMB, China Railway Signal & Communication Trading CO., Ltd is a crucial member of logistics section of the enterprise. The company is mainly engaged in sales of coal, machinery and equipment, wire and cable, electronic products, mineral products, building materials, metal materials, chemical products, household appliances, file supplies, and furniture. It also provides services in warehousing, technical consulting and foreign trade in goods and technologies. Relying on CRSC’s group advantages, the company has its core business in coal, iron, steel, machinery and equipment. Led by the market demand, the company adheres to the modern management methods and mechanisms, reallocates resources of upstream and downstream to strengthen the control over the industrial chain, actively expanding domestic market.

China Railway Signal & Communication Trading CO., Ltd promotes and practices the spirit of cooperation and mutual win. It will continue to follow the guidance of modern management philosophy in the future course of development, and to bring forth new ideas for trading business, and to constantly expand product range and service levels. With more value created for employees, customers and the enterprise, the company is leading the logistic trade industry to scale new heights, and to achieve more glories in the coming years.

China Railway Signal & Communication Materials Group CO., Ltd
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